The Secret to Wine Making

True mastery can be gained by letting things go their own way.  It can’t be gained by interfering

– Tao Te Ching; Chapter 48, Mitchell translation, 1988 Harper Collins

Jasper Hill is a small, family owned and operated organic vineyard and winery in Heathcote, central Victoria, Australia.

It is with great pleasure we announce the latest release of our wines, some reassuring news of ‘normality’ in these times of uncertainty.  Currently we are happy to ship orders free of charge via Fastway Couriers to your nominated address and leave them without signature if you so request. Unfortunately, our cellar door will remain closed for tastings until it is deemed safe for all involved.

Please do your best to keep yourself and others safe.  Go gently on yourself.

Our aim is to make great wine, with the preservation of nature’s flavours, complexities and balance in our wines by using minimal intervention in our vineyards and in the cellar – to allow the individual vineyard’s “terroir” or sense of place to express itself by ‘interfering’ as little as possible.

Our wines are grown, made and bottled entirely on the estate from our own grapes, using organic principles. We produce our own composts and have never used synthetic chemicals on either the vines or the soils, since our vineyards were planted in 1975.

Viticultural practices are simple: own rooted vines (ie. not grafted on to American rootstocks to confer Phylloxera resistance), no irrigation whatsoever, minimal tillage, natural inter-row mulching leading to broad bio-diversity, very low yields giving depth and intensity to our wines. Only hand pruning of the vines and hand harvesting of the fruit can allow us the human connection to our living soil.

With more than three decades behind us and many accolades for our wines, Jasper Hill has become synonymous with Heathcote, shiraz wine in particular, and is regarded as one of the pioneers of this relatively new and exciting wine region.

The Jasper Hill wines are released in August, with the release weekend the final weekend of that month, from 10am-5pm. The rest of the year, our cellar door is open by appointment – please phone or email to arrange a visit. 


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