Georgia’s Paddock Riesling – 1993



Time of release

This vintage really seemed to suit Riesling, when it ripened without any hesitation to over 13º Baume (our highest ever). Flavour: full; style; dry as always. Not yet bottled (mid July 93). We hope to have it ready by the release weekend.

Tasting notes by Andrew Caillard, MW – August 2007

Gold colour. Complex toasty lemon aromas. Sweet ripe toasty lemon pear skin flavours. Fine minerally cutting acidity. 90 points.

Tasting notes by Andrew Caillard, MW – 17th August 2012

Medium colour. Overdeveloped brassy, crme brule aromas and flavours. Developed, but generous fruit sweet and complex palate with tobacco, brassy characters and fresh tangy acidity. Finishes al-dente, leafy firm. Past its prime. Now – past – 84 points

Tasting notes by Andrew Caillard, MW – 8th August 2017

Medium deep brassy colour. Quite oxidised and over developed with fresh amontillado tobacco aromas with hint of varnish. Still a fragment of fruit sweetness and integrated acidity. Drinkable but really past. 13% Alc 80 points – Past

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