The Vineyards

Emily’s Paddock: three hectares of Shiraz including around five percent Cabernet Franc, yielding about two tonnes per hectare (14hL per hectare). Planted in 1975/76.

Georgia’s Paddock: twelve hectares of Shiraz yielding about three tonnes per hectare (20hL per hectare). Three hectares of Riesling giving about three tonnes per hectare (20 hL per hectare). Both of these varieties were planted in 1975/76 with further small plantings completed after the vineyard was ravaged by bushfire in 1987. One hectare each of similarly low yielding Semillon planted in 1992, Nebbiolo planted in 1993, and Viognier planted in 2001.

Cornella Vineyard: four hectares of Grenache planted in 1998 with yields of around three tonnes per hectare (20hL per hectare). Unfortunately this vineyard was burnt out by a bushfire in 2013. 

All vineyards are planted on their own roots, to retain purity of style, rather than grafted on to Phylloxera-resistant American non-vinifera root stock.

The vines have a sunny, open, balanced canopy that keeps fungal diseases at bay and eliminates the need for summer pruning, leaf plucking and crop reduction. All picking and pruning is carried out by hand.

All vineyards are unirrigated and rely on natural rainfall only.

Both Emily’s and Georgia’s Paddocks are on elevated hillsides at an altitude of 320 metres (1000 feet) and are approximately 1 km apart. Emily’s Paddock has a NE aspect and shallower soil, while Georgia’s Paddock has a NW aspect and the classic deep soil. The ‘new’ vineyard at Cornella, 20km north of Emily’s Paddock, is within the Heathcote Region on deep Cambrian soil also, and has a NE aspect and similar elevation to Emily’s Paddock.